Herbs That Clean Arteries & Veins

Heart disease occurs when arteries of the cardiovascular system become blocked with fat and plaque. No herbs or dietary supplements have been shown to dissolve and clean away all of the fat that might be in your arteries. A number of herbs, however, can reduce some of the plaque in your arteries, veins and capillaries and can also lower blood pressure to improve heart health.
Hawthorn- Is a thorny shrub plant with small red berries. Extracts from the hawthorn plant have been used to treat heart disease for many centuries. Hawthorn benefits the heart and circulatory system as it helps to decrease blood pressure while strengthening heart muscle.
Garlic- Regular use of aged garlic extracts may help to clean out your arteries and reduce your chances of developing coronary heart disease.
Bilberry- Is a berry fruit similar to blueberry that is rich in heart-health chemicals known as anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides can act as antioxidants to protect arteries and veins from hardening and clogging..
Olive Leaf- We often hear that olive oil is a heart healthy source of fat, however, we rarely hear about the leaves of the olive plant that can also benefit cardiovascular health. Extracts of the olive plant leaf are rich in compounds called oleuropeins which also act as vasodilators to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow through arteries.