Best Exercises and Sports for Asthma

So you’ve come to grips you have asthma, and now you’ve decided to heed the advice of the “asthma experts” and get your body in shape. Now you’re wondering, What are the best exercises for people with asthma?.
If you have asthma, exercise is even more important. It strengthens your lung muscles, which improves lung function. It strengthens your heart which makes you less winded with exertion. Over time, the more you exercise the more tolerant your heart and lungs become to the effects of exertion.
However, many of us have our limitations. We have to pick exercises that work best for people with asthma. So, listed here are six exercises that all asthmatics can participate in…
-Swimming: Way back in the 1980s I was told this was the best exercise for asthmatics. It’s good because the air around pools is moist and warm, and less likely to trigger asthma.
-Team sports:This would include activities such as Baseball, Football or Volleyball. You’ll only need to run while the ball is in play, yet you can still get a good workout.
-Martial Arts: This activity is generally done indoors, and the short movements are enough to get you in good shape, build muscle tone, and may also help you develop a sound mind and body.
-Yoga:Another activity that is generally done indoors, and also helps to relax your mind.
-Biking: If the weather is right, this is a great way to get in shape. You can also get a stationary bike for your home.
-Walking:This is safe in any environment.