Responding to an Asthma Attack

If someone is suspected of experiencing an asthma attack it is important to act quickly. People suffering asthma attacks can lose consciousness quickly making it more difficult to administer their medication. Follow these important key steps:
1. Comfort the Individual- Difficulty breathing can be extremely frightening and can cause the sufferer to go into shock, which is why acting quickly and offering reassurance is vital. Help the person get into a comfortable position for breathing and monitor their temperature to make sure they are not becoming too hot or too cold, which are both indicators of shock.
2. Assist with Medicine- The majority of the time people suffering an asthma attack have had one before so they know what needs to happen. For young children make sure parents provide directions on how to respond to their child’s asthma attacks.
3. Asthma Attacks with No Medication- In some rare cases a person may suffer an asthma attack and may not have been previously diagnosed with asthma. If this is the case it is usually a sign of a milder form of asthma since it has never previously manifested. Follow the same procedures in step one and help position them for comfortable breathing and monitor for shock.
4. Call for Help- If, after the administration of proper medication, the individual’s symptoms do not improve call 911.