Do’s and Don’ts if you having Potency Problems?

Impotence is usually treatable these days. However, it’s important to first establish what the cause is. Very often, there are several causes, including both physical and psychological factors.
Commonsense measures will often help – for instance, cutting down on overwork, stress, alcohol or smoking, getting more sleep or stopping any medications which interfere with erection.
If you have difficulty getting an erection, seek help. Don’t suffer in silence – as so many men do!
Also, don’t hide it from your partner. A lot of guys behave like this, and very often the result is that the other person decides that she is being scorned, or that ‘he doesn’t love me any more’.
Your first move should be to consult your GP.
If for any reason you don’t want to do that, then contact another medical/relationships agency, such as the ones listed at the end of this article.
Please don’t do foolish things like:
-buying yourself some pills or potion off the Internet
-signing up with some clinic that asks you for $1,000 deposit
-going to a prostitute to see if she can cure you
-deciding that your life is over (it isn’t).